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It’s very important to know if the certificate you obtained without exam is genuine or not. IELTS certificate without exam is real when you get in contact with the right agencies and agents, and let them handle the process on your behalf. Because these people focus on the authenticity and not just the money you are planning to pay them. They use a structure step by step procedures to register you with ease and without you ever you worried about the authenticity. Get ielts proxy, ielts exam papers, upgrade ielts past scores.

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IELTS certificate without Exam


You can  buy  IELTS certificate without exam. From officials of the British Council and IDP registering your IELTS certificate without you appearing in the exam.

We insure all our candidates to verify their Certificates online using any British Council or IDP Education Verification tool’s online before submitting their Certificates for any immigration processing. We understand how important it’s to you and we will make sure that you get exactly what you are paying for. We are here for this and we shall give you the best of experience ever. Even if you have once been deceived, we are here to change the narrative. Can we buy ielts band? ask Validate Exams.

The process here is 110% genuine. We use legal processing methods. It’s no magic, but the power and control we have over the system. So we guarantee you a successful Genuine registration of IELTS Certificate Without Exam.



Use the approach below to screen fake agents from real ones in case you want to buy original ielts certificate without exam :

  • By the content and valid information you Obtain from a certified agent, you will know they are genuine. If an agency is unable to give you valid confidential information about these services, don’t trust them. Obtain pte certificate without exam, get  OET without exam
  • Ask them sensitive questions to know more about the insights of what they do.
  • Visit their official Website and to learn more about them before processing.
  • Reviews are very important. Visit their testimonials portfolio
  • Check their Branding status and social media handles.
  • Request them to show you their British Council or IDP official ID Cards and Certificates.

Buy IELTS Certificate in Australia

How To Get IELTS Certificate Without Exam:

  • Firstly you have to confirm with your university or organization about the requirement
  • Secondly, navigate to the registration page
  • Thirdly choose the IELTS without exam tab
  • Fourthly fill all your personal information and your request
  • Fifthly cross check the details you input and submit the form.
  • And lastly get to our support team immediately for assistance

We offer the following the service:

  1. IELTS Without Exam
  2. Track ielts scores during exam
  3. Update ielts past scores
  4. Buy ielts exam papers

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