Can I Buy IELTS Certificate Online ?


It’s obvious you have a lot of questions and worries regarding our service. Questions like can i buy ielts certificate online, how to get ielts certificate without exam, how can i get ielts certificate or is it possible to buy registered ielts certificate online ? are inevitable. We recommend you take your time and read the answers below. In case you have more questions, you can contact our support team by clicking the whatsApp below using.

No you get the same certificate that you obtain when you  take the test. We don’t fix or make these certificates. All we do is help you facilitate the process to achieve your desired band cores.

Yes it’s 100% genuine and can be used for any sort of processing. As it’s earlier stated, we don’t fix or make these certificates, all we do is use a certain kind of algorithm to  help you achieve them without any stress.

All are 100% genuine and verifiable on the British Council and IDP website. And can used for any sort of processing.

As the name goes.WORLD IELTS HELPERS , if you can trust and believe in British Council and IDP, then you as well believe in their workers.

Yes you are actually planning to work with their workers and trainers. This is one of the few organization birth by people coming from the right sources. 

We only offer verified IELTS certificates.

People are quite busy with their activities.  Some don’t have time to take a test. Many have tried several times without any positive results. Some are non English users and cant barely speak and understand the language, but are willing to travel abroad.
Yes it’s surprising as it may sound, IELTS without exam. But the fact is, we came up with this as an ultimate solution to the above problems mentioned.

This is achieved with the help of other British Council and IDP colleagues of ours.
It’s done regardless of where you come from, who you are and your purpose of obtaining it.

These Certificates are not fabricated, no it’s totally wrong. It’s granted to you through a series of procedures and algorithm. Directly from the british council and IDP

Every service of ours is 100% genuine and verifiable. And every Certificate or data you acquire using our methods are 100% genuine acceptable by any institution you are planning to submit them to. We don’t fix anything, we simply help you achieve your goals without stressing.

We also insure as well that, your data is 100% safe. Data privacy protection is in our DNA. Your data is 100% safe and we insure we don’t disclose them to any person regardless of their reasons for requesting it.

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It’s very simple, all you to have do is, submit your personal information, for proper evaluation on the book now page.

  1. Go to the Book Now page
  2. Submit your personal information for evaluation.
  3. Contact our support on whatsApp for proper evaluation and screening.
  4. Pay the minimum required fee to engage your process.

How can i get ielts certificate

You can get ielts certificate using the exam route or simply obtain it without exam. We give you the ability to buy registered ielts certificate without exam.  Simply go to book now and submit your personal information for further processing.

Is it possible to buy registered ielts certificate online ?

All the certificates we  issued are registered in the british council and idp database, ready to be used for any sort of processing. We insure after the  process, you are able to verify your certificate online before any usage. To learn how to verify a certificate if it is genuine or not,  click here and follow the guides. Buy drivers license, buy toefl, buy gre certificate without exam, buy ielts certifcate.

We are capable of granting you the scores below

Overall Band Skill Level
Modest user
Competent user
Good user
Very good user
Expert user

Note: Everything here is 100% genuine. We don’t encourage fraud. It’s totally ungodly to scam someone or collect someone money and don’t give them what they paid for. We advice you verify any certificate you may collect from us or somewhere else before submitting it for any processing. You can verify them using any of the tools designed by the British Council or IDP.